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Tips to Remove Bugs and Beetles from Your Place

Bugs and beetles are pretty common to come around. They come in different sizes and shapes. For instance – Weevils, black carpet beetles, Japanese beetles, Asian beetles, Click beetles, ladybugs, cicadas, stink bugs, water bugs, and bed bugs. Longhorn beetles and many more. There is a difference between bugs and beetles. Bugs have needle-like mouthparts whereas beetles have chewing mouthparts. Moreover, they are mostly found in gardens and kitchens. Therefore, it is important to know what kinda pest you are dealing with. With which you can proceed with the further removal process.

Professional Beetle Control Services Adelaide

It is easy to get rid of these bugs and beetles. Just follow some simple steps and they won’t be much of a problem. But bug pests and beetles can still come back and create havoc. For such instances, it is always advised to contact a nearby pest removal company in Adelaide.

6 Ways to Remove Bugs and Beetles from Your Place

  • Fruit flies – If you come around fruit flies very often, then you might reconsider your hygiene. Here is a simple solution for these small flies. Take a bowl and mix dishwashing soap with vinegar. Apple cider vinegar or white vinegar works. Cover it with plastic wrap. Lastly, poke some holes on the top. Thus, this solution will attract the fruit flies and they will get trapped inside the bowl. Now you have your easy DIY fruit fly trap in minutes.
  • Pesticides and insecticides – You can use market pesticides and repellents for bugs in the gardens. Moreover, there are biological pesticides available that are eco-friendly and have lesser chemicals. Some examples of them are – Firstly, Bacillus thuringiensis. They will paralyze the digestive tracts of the bugs and the bugs will stay away from the garden areas. Secondly, spinosad is also a potent insecticide. It is used for fruit flies, borers, caterpillars and many other bugs. Lastly, milky spore powder targets the beetle.
  • Boric acid – Boric acid is a common remedy for the removal of bug pests at homes. They are basically a stomach poison for these bugs. Just mix boric acid with mint jelly or vinegar and apply the solution to possible infestation areas.
  • Natural repellents for beetles – Beetles are usually attracted to food, water and shelter. The general kinds of beetles found are wood beetles, food beetles and fabric beetles. The simple way to handle beetles is to use certain natural repellents. For instance – peppermint oil, neem oil, citrus repellents, pyrethrin, lavender, diatomaceous earth (DE). Just mix these oils with water or spray directly in your home. The strong scent will keep beetles away.
  • Bait stations – Set bait stations at home. They are long tubes and consist of bait inside that will attract these beetles. This is an effective remedy.
  • Basil leaves – Basil leaves are a great solution for flies and other bugs. Try growing basil plants and it might just do wonders.
  • Flypaper – We will tell you about easy DIY flypaper. Mix brown sugar and granulated sugar. Now you have a sugar solution ready. Dip a craft paper in this solution. And hang it around to get rid of possible bug pests.

Along with following these remedies, it is important to keep your house clean as well. A clean, hygienic and maintained house will keep all pests, bugs and beetles away. Try avoiding stagnant water, uncovered food, leftover garbage, dirty carpets and unclean rooms.

Also, get a Regular Beetle Pest Control Service. The pest control team always inspects and then acts on the removal method. This way you will understand which common pests come to your homes. And how to get rid of them

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