Rodent Control Melbourne

We at Be Pest Free know the best and effective methods for rat treatment and mice treatment. Our experts find the root cause of the Rodent Infestation and start the rodent treatment with a full proof plan. Mice or rat can be really dangerous when it comes to the damages they can do, they like to shred anything which comes in their way. Also, they can chew wire and cause discomfort. Therefore, it’s better to choose someone who’s capable to deal with them properly. We guarantee you to provide with effective and quality rat treatment.

Rodent Control Services
Rodent Control Melbourne

Rat Infestation Signs.

Rats are not the silent pest, if they exist in the premises, the signs will be visibly clear. Here are some signs of rat infestation.

1. Mouse squeak and shred, if you listen closely, you can hear these abnormal sounds in your house. This could be a sign of rat infestation if you hear these sounds call rat pest control services immediately.
2. Rats or mice leave their dropping behind if there is an infestation, you’ll see the rat droppings around the premises.
3. Rats shred things as well, so, you’ll see the shredded newspaper, clothes or any other things around the house

Rodent Control Melbourne Method

Rats are a very cunning and stubborn pest, to get rid of them it’s very difficult. At Be Pest Free we have a concrete and effecting plan for Rat Pest Control. We focus on eliminating the root cause of the rodent infestation. Here are some ways to control rat pest control methods

1. We start by checking the roof and the suspected area which rodents are coming inside the premises.
2. We fix all the entrance and seal them, treat the rodent infestation by using appropriate measure.
3. We use the quality rodent repellent products and apply them all over the premises. Our products are safe and effective.
4. We install the tamper-proof bait stations, which are hidden and catches mouse and rats. The baits we use are highly poisonous and kill mice and rats quickly.

Rodent Control Tips

Rats cause destruction everywhere they go, even when you have the rat pest control treatment, the re-infestation is likely to happen. Rats are good at hiding and they might come again if the treatment is not done properly. Therefore keep few things in mind in order to prevent the rodents from coming inside the premises

1. Do not leave the food in an open area, keep the food item in a closed airtight container.
2. Don’t leave the food leftover, clean your house after dinner and wash the utensils in the sink.
3. If your yard has fruits tree, don’t let the fruit lying on the ground. It’ll attract rodents along with other pests

Rodent Control
Rodent Control

Why Choose Be Pest Free for Rodent Control?

Our company is an age-old company and we have relevant experience in the Rodent Control. We plan the rodent treatment strategically then treat them accordingly. Our experts are providing rodent pest control service for years in Melbourne. We assure you that we’ll provide you with quality services, you can call us for booking on our 24/7 helpline number 1800 339 712.

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