Pest Prevention Tips for Student Housing

Educational institutions are a place where the students feel safe. So it goes without saying that the housing facilities provided to these students should also be a safe place. Pest infestations in student housing facilities can create panic among many students and critically damage the reputation of the institution.

With the beginning of a fresh academic session close at hand, students all over the world are looking for universities and independent housing options. And as you welcome these new learners in their dorm rooms, make sure to provide them with an environment safe from harmful pests and rodents. Student residents should also receive prevention tips for doing their part in keeping bugs away from the housing facility.

Whether you choose to print and distribute flyers or host a dorm meeting, you must educate students about their role in pest prevention. Not only do rodents and insects cause fear and distraction, but they can also spread infectious bacteria and cause allergic reactions. Besides, pest infestations also damage students’ belongings.

Improper Pest Control Services measures expose young students to a myriad of hazards. Thus, pest infestations can prove to be a nightmare for the public relations of universities and schools.

Pest Control Service
Pest Control Service

Here are some tips by Be Pest Free or Pest Prevention Tips for Student Housing to stay on the Safe Side and help your Students Prevent Pest Infestation:

Careful Inspection of Bags and Belongings

The first step for pest prevention initiates on the first day itself. Small pests like cockroaches, spiders, and termites are often transmitted to dorms from boxes and furniture of new students. The students should be asked to thoroughly check everything brought inside the dorms to make sure they do not carry pests.

Educate Students on Proper Trash Disposal Methods

Many students are unfamiliar with proper trash disposal procedures. This is because structured trash disposal systems are not present in residential homes. Therefore the students should be directed to regularly take out their trash bags. This makes sure garbage is not accumulated in rooms, thereby eliminating possible breeding grounds for pests.

Encourage Regular Cleaning

Empty packets of chips add up fast in dorm rooms. These food crumbs and food containers create a fostering environment for pest populations to thrive. The student housing administration should encourage residents to follow a cleaning schedule. This will ensure that basic sweeping and vacuuming are done routinely.

Food Storage

Nowadays, many dorms allow mini-refrigerators and small kitchens. This makes sure that students have easy access to quick meals without running all the way to the cafeteria. While talking about pest prevention with students, mention some tips for proper food storage.  For example, dry edibles should be stored in airtight containers made of plastic or hard metal to prevent cockroaches and mice.

Pest Infestation Control
Pest Infestation Control

Ask Students to Report Signs of Pest Infestation

Although the dorm staff is always on alert for pest invasions in the student housing, pests can also enter and breed in small cracks and holes. Ask the dorm residents to report signs of such damages which may allow pests to thrive.

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