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Though mostly harmless, moths are deemed to be pests because many of their species have detrimental tendencies during their larvae stage. These pests can be commonly found in residential and commercial buildings. Their larvae feed on several types of foodstuff, and some also consume fabrics like wool and silk.

That’s the reason why many people find these moths to be a nuisance. Hence, it is recommended to hire professional pest control services Adelaide to remove moth infestations and prevent future invasions.

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Moth Control Adelaide

Common Signs of Moth Infestations

The most common sign of moth infestation in residential and commercial premises are tiny holes in clothes. These pesky pests lay their eggs in natural fabrics like wool or silk and their larvae feed on them. Moths eat feathers as well as leather. As a result, if you pull out a fur coat or wool sweater and find unusual holes in it, it might be time to call Professional Pest Control Services.

If you see numerous alive moths flying around your house or find dead moth carcasses, you know it’s too late for DIY and home remedies. Many moths like to build up their nests in pantries and storerooms to feed on food grain, fruit, cereals, and bread. You might also notice tiny caterpillars like larvae and their webbings on clothes.

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    Moth Control Adelaide: Common Types of Moth Infestations

    There are approximately more than 10,000 different species of moths in Australia. Yet, some of the most common types of moth infestations you are likely to find in your residential and commercial property include:

    • Brown House Moths –

      These are the most common species of moths we encounter every day in offices and supermarkets. They are slightly larger than cloth infesting moths and brown coloured. They can be often seen flying around dim lights at night. Brown house moths love to hide low in the ground and in baseboards. They feed primarily on food grains, cereals, and dog biscuits.

    • Case-making Clothes Moths –

      They are also known as Webbing Clothes Moths, these are very small in size. Their larvae make webs once they hatch in order to hide in clothes. They pose a serious threat to expensive silk fabric and fur clothing.

    • Common Cloth Moths –

      You are more likely to find these pests crawling on your floor rather than flying. They are small in size and light colour commonly found in most homes. Their larvae love to destroy expensive clothing and fabrics too.

    • White-shouldered House Moths –

      This species is actually rare in residential and commercial areas. The reason is that they prefer to feed and reproduce on plants instead of fabrics. However, they can be found in abundance in parks, gardens, and other surrounding places.

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