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Let’s Beat The Bed Bug

There are several alternatives available to eliminate the bed bugs infestation from our home. Hence often it is confusing when trying to decide to implement the appropriate alternative among the given options best suitable for our situation.

Bed Bugs Pest Control
Bed Bugs Pest Control

Bed Bug Inspection and Treatment

Here we are discussing the most popular and advanced techniques used by pest control providers to kill bed bugs menace.

Whole Room Heat Treatments

This is the Pest Management Professional treatment where the whole room temperature is raised to 135°F (57.2°C) to 145°F (62.7 °C). Bed bugs and eggs cannot survive at this room temperature hence; as a result, they die within 90 minutes at a temperature of 118°F. An increased temperature of 122°F can cause the eggs to die immediately. The Pest Management Professionals keep on tracking the room’s temperature throughout the treatment process to keep a watch if the right temperatures are reached. The process takes around six and eight hours based on the level of pest infestation.

Though the treatment is safe and not dangerous for life and property it is not that effective. Your house becomes re-infected even after the treatment soon if corrective measures should not have been followed well.

Bed Bug Inspection

We are strongly against recommending you to follow the manual techniques to remove bed bugs infestation. Bed bug insecticide treatment requires expert knowledge which you can get at a Professional Pest Control in Adelaide company. Controlling bed bugs with insecticides need a professional service that has a license and qualification to deal with the insecticides. The manual Bed bug treatment process is time-consuming and annoying. Even you cannot get a hundred percent outcome. So do not put your life in danger. Hire a professional pest control company to eliminate the pest infestation from the root.

It is not the task of a homeowner to do all those things. Hence proper care can be taken through hiring the best pest control services for Bed Bug Inspection and treatment at least once a year to ensure the safeguard of your property.  The Bed Bug Control Services professionals are the right person to detect the Bed Bug infestation if any and can deal with it in a better and safe way.

All that you can do is that you should be a bit careful to identify the early Bed bug signs. Educate yourself about the Bed bug and the danger caused by them. Be aware of Bed Bug Bites. Always have a watch on your bed sheet to identify bed bug stains if any. These small things can save you from a vast Bed bug issue. Bed bug Inspection is the first step for bed bugs extermination.

Bed Bug Treatment
Bed Bug Treatment

Whom to Trust?

We Be Pest Free have perfect skill and knowledge to identify the issue and manage it accordingly. Call us today and free up your home from the bed bug menace. We are customer-oriented. Now you can avail of our services on Sundays and holidays with no extra pay.