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How To Stop Rodent Infestation?

Rats and mice are quite annoying pests. If your house is infested with rodents, you should immediately take control of the situation to avoid any unfortunate damages. Rats and mice can cause heavy damages in the premises, they can chew gnaw or shred building insulation, siding, wallboard and wires. If a rat or mice contaminate food items, it becomes hazardous to eat and may cause foodborne illness. If you were bitten by an infected rat or mice the disease can spread to you or you’re exposed to areas where there are urine and droppings, the infection can spread. Rats and mice infestation is very easy to diagnose, while rat control and mice control is relatively a difficult task. If there is rat or mice infestation in your house, there will be plenty of evidence to confirm their existence. From shredded furniture, newspapers, clothes to their defecate. You’ll also see an increased mouse activity in a particular area, that is because they might have to build a nest. Rats or mice can disturb too at night, by making weird noises of chewing and squeaking.

Here Are Some Tips For Rodent Control

  1. Eliminate Food and Water Sources:

  • Make sure the garbage container has a tight cover and there is no way, where rats can make their way into the container.
  • Try to follow good composting practices for rat control and mice control.
  • Don’t throw the food water into your backyard in open. This can invite rodents, use a cover to keep the compost safe from rodents.
  • You can use lemon as a method for rodent control services.
  • Have a pest-proof compost container.
  • Install a compost container that is pest-proof.
  • If there are fallen fruits and nuts in your backyard, clear them.
  • Clean the pet food bowl after they’ve eaten it. The food leftover in the bowl can invite rats.
  • Check for leakage in your house, fix it if there’s any leakage. Leakage can provide water supply to the rodents. And become a problem for rodent control.
  • Ensure there is no water and food left out in open, it’s the main reason the rats and mice are making their living.

    Rodent Pest Control Services

    Rodent Pest Control Services

  1. Eliminate hiding and living places:

    If there is stored lumber or junk in your house premises, clear it on an immediate basis. This is the most appropriate nest for rats and mice. Storing lumber and junk can make rat control and mice control a difficult task.

  • Trim plants near buildings so that 15 to 20 cm (6 to 8 inches) above ground is clear. Trim branches of trees or shrubs to prevent access to roofs or balconies.
  • Do not keep old cars, furniture, or woodpile near your yard.
  • If you want to store lumber or firewood store it on a stand that is 30 cm to 45 cm off the ground.
  1. Pest Proof your Buildings:

  • Cover small spaces, ventilators with metal screening or steel mesh.
  • Find places where the gap is greater than 6mm, seal those places by using metal.
  • Look for the crack in cement footings and foundations and fix it.
  • See if you can build sheds on the concrete slabs.

    Mice Control

    Mice Control

  1. Keep Rodents Traps Set

    Do not for the day when you will see the rodents and kill them. Keep the rodent traps set in your place, no matter rodents are there or not. When they will come to your place, the more chances that they will be trapped in it making no chance of infestation. So we suggest that this will be one of the best methods to stop rodents’ infestation.

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