How to Get Rid of Termites

There are countless pests and termites, once they start disturbing you, it is very difficult to get rid of them. Few are very dangerous and harm you and your family members severely. This colony of pests are in five different types, they feed on cellulose.

Termites normally appear in any type of plant and wood materials. You never know till they grow in thousands and lakhs. Termites are the silent killers which will reach your home without indication. These silent killers tear away any type of tough cellulose materials, just like easily feeding books they feed on cabinetry too.

Termites Pest Control

Termites Pest Control

How to Kill Termites?

Before you start the process of termite killing treatment, you must remove any easy food source for them. You must remove the firewood pile, wood, lumber and paper debris etc near your home. Otherwise, all these things will easily become a shelter for the colony of termites. Pull out or grind the stumps nearby your home.

Termites need an entry point to come inside your home, so make sure to close all the entry points with screens to prevent them from coming inside. Make a regular inspection of decks, fencings and other wood materials in your home; take action immediately when you spot termites.

There are three types of treatments to remove the colony of treatments they are:

  • DIY
  • Chemical treatment
  • Non-chemical treatment

The Non-Chemical Treatment

This treatment takes place by installing the barrier around the home and this process is done while building the home. Even the new barriers are installed in a similar way to the new waterproof membrane with foundation.

Therefore in this process, the termites feel difficult to move through the sandy soil. When you combine the steel mesh or vent with this process it will become an effective treatment for the killing termites.

Termites Control Treatment

Termites Control Treatment

Chemical Solution Treatment

Chemical solutions are available online and local hardware stores or through Professional Pest Control. Bait is the most common chemical treatment used to remove the termites. Set the bait around the colony, such as in the place where it feeds finally, it dies off. There are three chemical solutions they are:

  • Liquid pesticides
  • Building materials infused with pesticides
  • Wood treatment

Apply any type of chemical treatment as instructed, when these chemicals get into the water sources it will not give effective results. Therefore apply some proven DIY methods to control the termites with Best Pest Control; this will be helpful to eliminate even stubborn colonies.

DIY Treatment

DIY Termite Treatment

DIY Termite Treatment

There are several DIY treatment products available on market, online stores which is really helpful for the homeowners to remove the termites effectively. Here are some of the best proven DIY treatment methods:

  • Spectracide termite stakes- this can be installed around your property in minutes. One package contains 15 stakes and once installed it will kill the foraging termites.
  • Ortho home defense- this is one of the effective treatment keeps away termites for five years. This is perfect for around home foundations and lumbers.
  • Termidor foam- this is an indoor termite infestation and effective interior foam solution for eliminating the termites. Works immediately after applying.
  • Vinegar is that one substance which not just can be used to clean upholstery objects but you can further use it to exterminate termites. All you need to do is just put the mixture in a spray bottle and spray on the area where termite hides. This will help you to get rid of termites quickly.  Or you can go for the help of the professionals of Be Pest Free.