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How to Control Fire Ants Infestation

Fire ants are supposed to be initially find in South Africa. It is said that their bite is extremely vulnerable. Fire ants are always conscious about their knoll If anyone tries to catch them they will surely attack them. Fire ants attack frequently and their sting can cause many problems to your health and their bite can harm your pets too.

Ant Infestation Control
Ant Infestation Control

These are The Tips Which Will Help you to Stop Fire Ants Infestation

  • You can try pouring boiled water on their knolls it will help you to relocate most of them from their knolls but there is no guarantee of the elimination of their queen.
  • You can also simply spray throughout the holes beside neat lemon syrup and it will work for sure.
  • You can also apply Cinnamon, Peppermint, Borax, water, sugar and chalk. Additionally, you can also go for dishwashing detergent blended in heated water.
  • Vinegar Solution: Be Pest Free is crucial for you to pour it on the places where the ants built their knolls, not on the areas where they just walk around. This technique will help you for sure.
  • Moreover, you can go to the Ortho Fire Ant Killer It is considered as one of the best and effective ant killer spray.
  • Baits: It concludes how fast ants will dissuade and how long the impact will remain. Rapid-acting bait products comprise indoxacarb (It will take 3 to 10 days for it to start working), You might require to re-applied it frequently than deliberate performance and extended constant products such as Fenoxycarb, methoprene, pyriproxyfen and abamectin etc.
  • If you treat ants knolls personally it will take so much of your time and energy and you might not able to annihilate all of them. Therefore, It will be a better option for you if you go for the Professional Pest Control Services.
Professional Pest Control Services
Professional Pest Control Services

Whom to Trust?

Lease the professionals of Be Pest Free if you are dealing with disturbing and sickening pests at your houses. We have been providing the best Ant Control Services all across Area for years. We know that pests cause several problems once they enter your residence. They can decay food, rend clothes and can cause many health problems as well. Therefore, It is imperative for you to take steps to control the pest infestation before it starts increasing extensively. Our professionals use the best techniques and eco-friendly solutions for pest control service. You can reach us online or call us on the number 08 7184 0913 today!