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Fleas are small insects like creature who feeds on blood, commonly they get their meal from animals, however, they can also get it from humans. The microscopic hair on their body helps them to jump around the fur of pets. They can choose any animals as their host, dog, cats, squirrel, rats and so on. The bite of flea causes severe itching and red bumpy marks on the area. Flea doesn’t have wings, but they are good at jumping, they maintain a high speed while jumping, so using only bare hands you cannot catch or kill one. The flea infestation happens due to pets, such as dog and cat. Any pet owner is susceptible to flea infestation, fleas get attached to the skins of dog or cat and come into the home. Moreover, the Flea Treatment is not an easy task, a proper plan is needed for Flea Control Adelaide. This can be done easily by Hiring Professionals?.

Types of fleas

There are more than 2,000 various types of fleas around the globe.  Several commons are these cat fleas, dog fleas, mortal fleas and Oriental rodent fleas. Maximum people compare fleas with their household pets, though, fleas can feed on all warm-blooded creature, also human.

How to identify flea bites:

  • Reddish specks with a corona.
  • Sensitivities.
  • Pockmarks (discriminated by little clusters of lumps)
  • Swelling throughout the bite.

    Signs Of Flea Infestation.

    Fleas have a reddish-brown colour, they are very tiny and jumpy, if you have a flea infestation in your house, you might see the signs mentioned below.

    • Your pet will start scratching themselves rigorously.
    • You’ll also experience multiple bite marks on your body, these bite marks are really itchy.
    • Fleas faeces can be seen around, check the bedding area of your pet or, if there are drippings then it’s a confirmed sign that fleas exist in your house.
    • Adult fleas jump around every corner, seeing a single one can be the confirmed sign that fleas infestation is real in your house.
    • Fleas lay their eggs areas which are hidden, and their eggs go through an evolution, from eggs to larvae then pupae and flea. Look for the eggs in areas such as your bedding, upholstery or mattress.

    After confirming any of these signs call professional Pest Control Services. Using only flea pesticides sometimes isn’t enough to treat the flea infestation from the root, therefore proper planning is needed for complete flea pest control solution.

    How Be Pest Free Treat The Flea Infestation?

    At Be Pest Free we are working on the best way to provide the flea control service in Adelaide. We use a unique and effective approach which targets the fleas and kill them instantly. We also prepare preventive planning to stop them from reinfesting again. Here is the method of treatment for flea infestation.

    • The beginning of the process starts with an inspection, we try to gather all the information regarding the flea infestation. Sometime other pests such as rats might cause the infestation, fleas feed on their body and reproduce. Also, to know the species of the flea is necessary to figure which chemical would be appropriate to terminate the infestation. Once all the information is gathered, the next step is started.
    • Treating the pets infected with fleas, it’s important to treat them first, daily grooming and bathing the pet is important.
    • When the flea infestation is confirmed, the cleaning becomes essential in order to remove the eggs or larvae of fleas.
    • When all the preventive measure has been done, we use the best quality chemical to kill the remaining fleas.

    All the above methods would ensure the complete flea treatment. When it’s done there will be no fleas remaining in the premises and the process of flea control shall have done properly.

    Flea Control Adelaide

    Why Us?

    Flea Pest Control is very important and it’s our objective to make the flea control services effective and resulting. Our Flea Pest Control is available to all customers at an affordable price. To book our services you can call us on our toll-free numbers, we assure you that we will eradicate the flea infestation from the root.