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Cockroach Pest Control at home

Just by the sight of cockroaches people often get creeps and shivers down the spine. Cockroach infestation is very common in our households and offices. Cockroaches are dirty crawling creatures which are very dangerous when it comes to diseases. Cockroaches are known to spread many serious diseases an contaminate your food and fruits and vegetables. No one wants their kitchens and bathrooms be infested with cockroaches. You can try many natural cockroach pest control methods provided below.

Cockroach Infestation

Cockroach Infestation

Cockroach Control Tips AT Home

  1. A Lot Of Cleaning

    Dirty and unhygienic places often create different pest problems in our homes. Keep your drains and floors clean and washed once a week. No source of food should be kept open and make sure you clean regularly after eating your meals. Leave no sign of food crumbs and drippings. Bathrooms and kitchens should be mopped regularly and you can use any anti-roach product too.

  1. Fixing Cracks

    Cockroaches can crawl in smallest of places so you should always keep an eye on your walls, drains and plumbing pipes for any sign of cracks, Fix these any cracks as soon as possible as this will prevent the entrances of cockroaches.

  1. Water Leakage and pipe leakage

    Moisture and water attract a lot of other pests as well as cockroaches. If you happen to see any pipe leaking fix it instantly. Chronic leakage of water may lead to various another pest infestations. Kitchen basins and lavatories often go unnoticed of water leaks which may lead to the cockroach infestation. Fix any problem you see instantly.

  1. Natural Cockroach Killer

    Borax is the best readily available substance which works as a natural cockroach extermination agent. You can use borax to make anti cockroach balls, these balls attract cockroaches and kill them if they ingest a small amount of it. Follow the instructions below

    • Borax
    • Sugar and bread crumbs
    • Bacon dripping
    • Water

    Add three parts of borax and one part of sugar. You should now add some bacon drippings and breadcrumbs. Add a few amounts of water to make a dough. Roll small balls out of this dough and place these balls near drains, under beds, around paper trash and cupboard all around your homes. Using Borax balls and sugar is an excellent cockroach pest control method. You can hire professional pest control services for complete cockroach extermination.

    Cockroach Pest Control

    Cockroach Pest Control

Professional Assistance:

Be Pest Free, is a well-known name in cockroach extermination and cockroach pest control services. Having years of experience in the field professional pest control services. Be Pest Free will provide you excellent cockroach extermination and cockroach pest control at your homes and offices. Our expert team uses eco-friendly and natural products to help you in getting rid of cockroaches and take care of your home environment as well. We work round the clock to help you in removing pest infestation and guarantee 100 % results within 24 hours. Getting Rid of cockroaches have never been easier after BE PEST FREE