Bed Bug Control Melbourne

Bed bugs are a type of blood-sucking insects like mosquitoes but they don’t fly instead they crawl. Like mosquitoes, bed bugs live to places where humans sleep, so that they can get to suck on your blood easily. Adult bed bugs are 5 to 6 MM long and are very good at hiding, bed bug infestation spreads rapidly, an egg hatches within 10 days at room temperature, however, it may take longer in winters.

Beds bugs infestation can happen anywhere, the most common place where they usually get seen are homes, hotels, schools, offices, retails stores and even public transportation. Bed bugs commonly come hiding in travel luggage, clothing and furniture. Bed bugs bite during the night time, during the day time they digest the consumed blood.

Bed Bug Pest Control
Bed Bug Control Melbourne

How To Confirm The Existence Of Bed Bugs.

To confirm the presence of bed bugs in your house, you need to look into some details. These details will also help you out to know how bad is the infestation.

1. The first sign is obvious if you see an alive bed bug or a dead one, the chances are confirmed that bed bugs are active. The nymphs of bed bug shed their skins, these shells are enough evidence to prove their activity.

2. Faecal around, bed bugs suck the blood out of humans, so there faecal which is undigested blood can be seen around the mattress or pillow which looks similar like black pepper.

3. There eggs are white in colour and around 1 mm long, if you see any eggs near cracked walls or someplace hidden, then you can confirm that bed bugs are active in your home.

4. Bed bugs also cause a sweet musty odour when there is a very high infestation, if you smell these type of smell, call professional Pest Control Services.

5. More common signs are bloodstains on the sheet and you might experience some swollen red bumps rash on your skin without any suspicion.

If you observe any of these signs in your house, then confirm an appointment for Bed Bug Control Melbourne Service. Professionals will be able to do the bed bug treatment properly, moreover, the bed bug infestation must be handled by professionals because they will be able to figure out the problem properly.

Prevention is better than cure

Scrutinize the bags rack in your bedroom for bed bugs.

  • Inspect old upholstery, mattresses, and sofas for several symbols of bedbug infestation before carrying them homeward.
  • Apply a shielding coat that encases cushions and case springs to exclude various hiding areas.
  • You can hire Be Pest Free as well for the most effective solutions to remove bedbugs.

Take bedbug infestation signs seriously:

Rusty or red spots on bed coverings or cushions affected by bed bugs being squashed are one of the most common signs for flea infestations. It is not a matter to overlook but if you do they might cause health infections. Therefore, it is expedient for you to rent a trusted and acknowledged pest control company quickly like Be Pest Free

Bed Bug Pest Control Method.

There is a combination of heating and chemical treatment used for bed bugs treatment. Bed bug control requires a group of action. The experts use machinery to apply the necessary chemicals on the suspected area, sometimes the furniture or mattress is needed to be discarded in order to stop the pest infestation.

Pest Control Services
Pest Control Service

Why Choose Be Pest Free?

We are an experienced company and has been treating the bed infestation from years. We have a team of expert pest controllers, who knows everything about the bed bug infestation. We complete the services on the same day also we follow the safe method for Bed Bugs Treatment. Our team has knowledgeable and certified technicians. To book the Bed Bug Pest Control service in Melbourne call on our numbers, we will provide you with the best in class services.