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Ants Control Adelaide

Professional Ants Control Services in Adelaide, SA

Ants Control Adelaide – A single colony can be a nest for 500 to 3000 worker ants depending on the season and species. The queen ant can lay thousands of eggs in a single day! She is no less than an egg-laying machine from the human viewpoint. Thousands of worker ants are tasked with protecting the colony and taking care of the larvae as well as the queen entourage. There are more than 5000 species of ants known to us.

This common pest is found in loads in Australia. From common black ants which infest every kitchen to bullet ants that deliver some of the worst insect stings in the world, our country has them all. Given that most pests like to build their nests in warmth, ant colonies also occur mostly in warm habitats.

Ants Control Adelaide
Most ants grow 3 to 5 mm in size. They are particularly a big menace in hospitals as they have a liking for used dressings and bandages. They are also a major threat in bakeries and commercial kitchens. Hence, it’s important to appoint professional to get rid of ant infection to stop them from creating havoc.

Hazards of Ant Infestations

  • Severe stings: Though most ant stings are harmless and non-toxic, they can be very itchy and sometimes unbearably painful.
  • Loss of reputation: The sight of an ant infestation on business premises does not really project positive images in the mind of your customers.
  • Loss of business: Uninterrupted compromise in hygiene and health can also cause you to lose your business license.
  • Food poisoning: Ants carry a lot of diseases as you never know where they have been scavenging before creeping on your food. So it’s easy for them to contaminate and cause food poisoning.

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    Ants Control Adelaide: Preventive Measures

    Let’s face it, ants have no personal vendetta against humans. They infest our kitchens only for food and nothing else. They are attracted to everything which is sweet and sugary. That’s why you can always find these ants in kitchen cabinets and cupboards where food is stored. There are many preventive measures and controls one can adopt if they are worried about ant infestations on their premises. The following list will show you how to reduce the risk of ant infestations in your residential and commercial premises:

    Ants Control Adelaide

    • Seal all holes and cracks in floors and walls
    • Keep food and waste in sealed containers as they are primary targets of ants
    • Eliminate their nests and colony by pouring boiling water over it
    • Clean up food and spills from infested areas immediately
    • Regularly clean all food crumbs from a toaster, mixer grinder, and other common kitchen appliances
    • Block all doors and window frames that you think are serving as entry points for pesky ants
    • Always keep your food covered to prevent food poisoning
    • Wipe and clear away any food spills that children and pets might drop while eating.

    These tips should help you prevent small ant infestations. However, you need the services of professional pest control to deal with large-scale infestations. Be Pest Free is one of the leading pest control companies, well-renowned for providing first-class professional ant control services.

    Benefits of Be Pest Free Ant Control Services

    • Safe and reliable treatment
    • Eco-friendly solutions for the well-being of your loved ones
    • Odorless treatment
    • Post-service inspection

    Be Pest Free provides the best pest control service in Adelaide for ants. Don’t let these tiny ants take over your homes! Call Be Pest Free today at 08 7184 0913 for a free consultation or reach us online to get a free quote of the best ant control services in your city.

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