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Be Pest Free is the one-stop solution for pest problems in Sydney. Adhering to the highest standards of health and safety, we deliver effective pest control solutions. We use the most advanced pest control treatments and the latest equipment to deliver kids safe, pets safe, and family safe pest control services. We keep honing the technical expertise of our pest management professionals to make sure you get the best of pest control Sydney!

Pest Control Sydney

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Pest Control Services for Homes & Businesses

Think of Be Pest Free Sydney whenever you need any kind of residential or commercial pest control services. We provide pest check services for homes that need to be sold or bought. We also do termite inspections for new and old properties.
We have been delivering commercial pest control solutions to Sydney for more than two decades. We have served shops, schools, hospitals, kitchens, bars, offices, and restaurants with highly effective pest control services.

Moreover, we also do

  • Spider control
  • Pigeon removal
  • Insect control
  • Pigeon poo clean up
  • Possum removal
  • Bird removal
  • White ant control

For any of the above services, just give us a call!
Expert Pest Control Services Sydney

Our Service Areas :

Be Pest Free offers its complete range of pest control services in the following suburbs of Sydney

  • Pest Control Treatments –

    At Be Pest Free Sydney, we offer certain specialized pest control treatments for cargo, shipping, agriculture, manufacturing, and milling. These include:

  • Heat Treatment –

    Heat treatment is the best kind of pest control Sydney treatment for devitalizing and sterilizing imported and exported goods. This ensures no toxic gases are used for the job. This treatment can be done for herbs, bird seeds, water hyacinth, grains, and Bali grass thatching.

  • Fumigation –

    Some specific insects attack stored products and to remove such pests, fumigation is the best option. It controls and eradicates moths, mites, and weevils. You can keep your big consignments safe from pest attack by hiring our fumigation services and get your shipments transported safely.

  • Pest Disinfection –

    Pests leave infectious pathogens behind that cause pest-borne diseases. So, post pest eradication it is advised to opt for pest disinfection services. Be Pest Free assures you an absolute safe and hygienic environment with our pest disinfection solutions.

Pest Control Services in Sydney

Be Pest Free provides pest eradication services to the various pests found in Sydney, which can be categorized into:

Flying Insects –

Flying insects are more potential to cause diseases in human beings. We provide affordable flying pests removal all across Sydney.

  • Flies – Flies are the most dangerous disease-carrying flying insects. As they breed on filth, flies contaminate food.
  • Mosquitoes – Mosquitoes are infamously known for causing malaria and dengue. Also, mosquito bites can cause skin problems like rashes. These cause health troubles and soil reputation of businesses.
  • Bees – Bee stings are painful and can also cause an allergic reaction. Bees leave their sting inside human skin.
  • Wasp – Wasps are risky because of the painful sting they have. Moreover, wasps become riskier when they build a nest in the vicinity.
  • Moth – Moth damage clothes, carpets, upholstered furniture, and even tapestries. Expert moth control services can help you get rid of them.

Flying Insect Control

Crawling Pest

Be Pest Free is fully equipped to handle all kinds of following crawling pests:

  • Cockroaches – Cockroaches are wonderful carriers of disease-causing organisms. They contaminant not just food but surfaces too. Apart from home, they can even enter healthcare facilities, restaurants, and cafes.
  • Bed Bugs– Bed bugs bite human beings to feed on their blood. They hide under carpets, cupboards and other areas. These are invisible to the naked eye and only expert techniques can get rid of them.
  • Ants – Don’t let ants create a nuisance in your home or office. Just hire experts from Be Pest Free and get over with them.
  • Spiders – Spiders are ugly and scary to look at. Our eco-friendly pest control Sydney solutions can eliminate them completely.
  • Fleas and Ticks – Fleas usually get transported through pets and can cause diseases like plague. Ticks are also transported by pets and even by humans who walk through infected areas. Ticks can also cause serious diseases like Lyme disease.

Rodents –

  • Rat Control – Rats are known to cause various serious diseases that can only be avoided by eliminating rats. And for this, we are here!
  • Mice control – Mice can easily find where food is stored. They are capable of damaging property and contaminating food. Don’t fall prey to the risks involved and opt for mice control services.

Safe and Reliable Pest Control Services in Sydney

Be Pest Free is giving away the most effective services which are totally safe and reliable to the environment and for pets and humans too. Our professionals have been serving in this industry for years, hence, have got the full capability in this field. Lease our reliable pest control in Sydney immediately. We implement the expert pest control services at an appropriate price.

Bed bug and dust mites treatment at Hotels:

Bedbugs can be usually found in Hotels beds as well and can cause you ticklishness. Dust mites are infinitesimal, which appear as bugs that usually exist in house dirt. They feed on layers of dead skin, that are emitted by humans and pets. Be Pest Free is giving away the best services for the removal of Bed bugs and dust mites. We have years of expertise which will help you to get rid of these pests. Our dedicated crew employe the effective methods to exterminate Bed bug and dust mites treatment at hotels as well.

End of lease pest control services

When you receive pest control services from a committed and responsible company like Be Pest Free, you get contract time for which our service will be again at your doorsteps If pests infestations occur your house. We have trust in our co-operation and we understand that they will not allow any pests invade in. Our lease time duration is restricted by terms and limitations which you have to pursue after our help. The careless habits of clients after the services are usually the root for pest infestations.

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Why Choose Us?

Because Be Pest Free Sydney:

  • has more than 20 years of experience.
  • owns an amazing team of skilled and experienced professionals.
  • is a family business.
  • is proud of training its professionals to keep them updated with latest trends.
  • is fully equipped to deliver guaranteed pest removal services.
  • delivers only organic pest control services.
  • provides free termite consultations.
  • offers 24*7 customer support.
  • provides same day & emergency pest control Sydney services.

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As per me, Be Pest Free team are experts of pest control. I have been using their services for 3 years now and have nothing to complain about. They always gave me very good service and charged a reasonable price. I even like their customer service team who are very active and responsive. Thanks, team. Keep doing great work.

Happy with their service.

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Hello Guys, This is Sophia. I was facing roaches infestation at my home a few weeks back. The worst part was that these roaches had made my kitchen their favorite places. So to get freedom from these creepy creatures I take help of Be Pest Free a pest control service provider company in Sydney. I must say that they have done their work very nicely. I am happy with their service and recommend them to everyone.

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I am a very busy person and only get time on weekends. I was looking for a pest control company who can provide me service on weekends and then someone suggested me Be Pest Free. I contacted them and they agreed to come on the day I requested. The team came on time on the given date and provided me with their best pest control service. The Be Pest Free has an expert team to handle pest control task. I really loved their work very much. They are very cost-effective and uses safe solution to control the pest. I am very thankful to the team of Be Pest Free for weekend service and would love to recommend them to all my friends.

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We would definitely recommend this Pest Control Service to our friends and family. We discover some great and effective techniques that their adept professional use. They were expert and did an excellent job. Thanks!