To whom all do you provide pest control services?

We deliver our finest pest control services to almost all the places. Whether it is residential or commercial our team cater services in both areas. We provide our reputed pest control services to clients like hospitals/ clinics, homes/flats, schools/ educational institutes, shopping centres, child care centres, aged care centres, offices/ factories and so on. So if you see a sign of pest in any place or area just give us a call and we’ll be there to offer you our best and safe Pest Control Services.

Pest Control Treatment

Pest Control Treatment

Is your team specialized in pest control?

Yes, our team is specialized in removing pests with an effective solution. They are certified and has years of experience in this industry. They can remove any kinds of pests and make your place pests free. Our team of professionals provides services in all the suburbs of Brisbane and Melbourne.

Does your company provide a proper rodent control service?

Yes, We do provide an effective treatment to control rodents. Our team of professionals has got various methods to control them and make your place more clean and safe. Rodents are the reason for diseases like plague, typhus and bring many other diseases with it. Get freedom from these monsters with Be Pest Free today!

Will your company provide service in an emergency case?

Yes, we do provide services in an emergency case . We understand that pests can occur at any day and anytime, so our team is available 24/7 to facilitate you. You can call us in an emergency case and we will be there at your service within no time.

How often should I have my house inspected for termites?

Our pest technicians are trained in termite detection and are experienced in inspecting many different types of homes. Termite damage is generally not even covered in the insurance. Too often with houses that have not had termite inspections, the first sign of termites is only after there is significant damage to cupboards, floorboards or even wall/roof timbers.

Why Choose Be Free Pest Control?

Be Pest Free Control provides one of the finest pest control services. We have years of experience in providing professional pest control services. Our guaranteed professionalism make us first choice for pest control services among our customers. Our licensed and trained cleaners give 100% satisfaction to our clients.

What kind of pest control services do you provide?

We provide various kinds of pest control services like rodent control, bed bug control, termite control, cockroaches control, carpet beetles control, bee and wasps control and so on. We are well known for offering a full range of pest control services for residential and commercial places. You can call us at 1800-339-712 and book our services.

Do you use Environment-friendly solution?

We are very eco-friendly in our approach and utilize the best chemicals available for pest control treatment which only affect the pest, not the family, kids or pet. We use Environment-friendly solutions and pest away from your kitchen which comprises all natural pest control measures. Our team of professionals sprays chemical free solutions which are completely safe.

Is it necessary to take professional help?

Yes, it is necessary to take professional help because the professional pest controllers know how to get rid of pest present in your home and possess the right method for pest treatment. They are specialized in controlling pests and can control all kinds of pests. Thus, Professional services are way more effective and faster than DIYs.

Are you providing any kind of free Pest Control service?

Till the time, we are not providing any Pest Control service free of cost. However, you will have our demo and counseling program for social awareness which is free of cost for the betterment of people. But trust us, we are affordable. Our rate is very much reasonable. For other services, we charge according to our rate chart. We charge different charges are there for home and commercial properties. You will get the value for your money.